Mel Gibson Accused Of Murder/Suicide Plot

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva
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More details of Mel and Oksana's January fight surface, including allegations of attempted murder.

RadarOnline is reporting that they have received all the details that Oksana Grigorieva gave authorities regarding the domestic violence case against Mel Gibson. For anyone who thought this story couldn't get worse, you were wrong. Did Mel Gibson Abuse Oksana Grigorieva?

The fight that took place on January 6 between the couple was much more violent than we knew. Apparently, after Mel punched Oksana twice in the head, she fell to the bed and he began choking her with his forearm—while she was holding their baby daughter Lucia. After Oksana got loose from Mel's grasp, he allegedly pulled out a gun and threatened to kill her, the children (Lucia and Oksana's 12-year-old son Sascha, who was in another room) and himself.

'Mel punched her in the mouth and then again in the side of the head,' the source told

She was holding Lucia and the force of the punches caused her to fall backwards onto the bed. Mel placed one of his forearms into Oksana’s neck and began choking her. He took his free hand and pushed it over her mouth and she struggled to breathe. She struggled and begged him to stop...

Oksana finally was freed from Mel’s grip and jumped up to leave but she says Mel then pulled a gun from the pocket of his short, pointed it at her head and threatened to kill her, Lucia and Sascha, as well as himself, in an apparent murder-suicide plot...Somehow, however, Oksana was able to run out of the house, wearing her pajamas and barefoot, with Lucia and Sascha. After Oksana fled, Mel called her repeatedly and threatened her. Investigators will be looking at those phone records. [Source: RadarOnline]

Sascha, who was reportedly "scared to death" in another room during the entire incident, was interviewed by child protective services last week and is expected to be a key witness.

Oksana said that Mel's punches broke her front teeth, which matches up with the photographic evidence obtained by RadarOnline. She also reported that Mel screamed several obscenities, which are consistent with what is on the already infamous audio tape rants. However, those tapes may not be admissible in court because of texts that Oksana sent Mel, in which she states that she recorded his outbursts because he "didn't keep his part of the deal to support her." Photo Proves Mel Gibson Abused Oksana

Because of those texts—and also the $15M deal that Oskana originally signed and then backed out of, agreeing to not release the tapes—many (including Mel's ex-wife, Robyn) are dismissing Oksana's abuse claims as nothing more than the manipulations of a golddigger. However, a source close to the case told Fox 411 that authorities are taking the allegations very seriously. "It is hard to think she would just break her own teeth – somebody did it to her, and if it was Gibson, he won’t get away with it,” the source said.

And really, even if Oksana purposely provoked Mel into saying nasty things on tape, how many men would go as far as he did? He could have just walked out the door, right? If Mel wasn't a violent person, no amount of provocation would have ended in abuse and death threats.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin.