Jeff Probst Officiated Jenna Fischer's Wedding

Jenna Fischer and Jeff Probst
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We still do not know too much about Jenna Fischer's wedding to writer Lee Kirk, except that it was in Malibu and at least one co-star, Rainn Wilson, attended. (Seriously, Jenna, when are you going to make a deal with a tabloid and let us see the photos?) Jenna Fischer Marries Writer Lee Kirk

Thanks to People, however, we do know one more detail that's sure to make Jenna's Office co-star and on-screen husband John Krasinski really jealous: Jenna and Lee were married by none other than Survivor's Jeff Probst. Sure, John and his now-wife Emily Blunt got married in Como, Italy at George Clooney's estate, but how can that compare to having the host of one of the longest-running reality shows on TV fly back to LA from Nicaragua and make your marriage legal? (Besides being an Emmy winner, Jeff is also an ordained minister in the Universal Church of Life.)

Now, the only way John and Emily could have possibly topped this is if The Clooney himself performed their wedding ceremony, but given George's own long-standing aversion to marriage, we seriously doubt it. John Krasinski Proposes To Emily Blunt

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So, take that, John and Emily! That's what you get for planning your wedding a mere week after Pam', Jenna's.