10 Words We Invented For Sarah Palin

dictionary with a glass heart indicating love

Sarah Palin assures us it's OK to create our own new words, so we invented a new love language.

The Twittersphere recently made Sarah Palin the butt of its jokes when she tweeted that "peaceful Muslims" should "refudiate" the mosque being built in the spot were the Twin Towers once stood. When called out on the fact that... um... "refudiate" isn't a word, she tweeted:

'Refudiate,' 'misunderestimate,' 'wee-wee'd up.' English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!"

As writers, we are so with her. We make up words all the time! In fact, us web workers are so inventive that they had to add a new section on Internet terminology to the latest edition of the AP Stylebook, containing words and phrases such as "e-reader," "retweet," and "smart phone." But we don't think they've gone far enough. What about the language of love? Below, 10 words and phrases we think should be added to any future editions of the dictionary:

1. smallowage: A derivation of the words "swallow" and "smooch," smallowage is a condition men suffer from in which the only lip lock they've managed to master is the dreaded face-swallowing kiss. How To Kiss Well

2. player's guilt: The guilt one feels upon attempting to casually date when, really, one is meant to be a serial monogamist. See also: monogacommitmentphobiamous.

3. restless finger syndrome: The tendency of newly married men to continuously fiddle with their wedding band. Whether this is caused by chafing, or the realization that he will never again have casual sex, remains unknown.

4. dude swing: The wild mood swings one goes through when waiting for that guy to call, including—but not limited to—anger, agitation, despair, indifference, etc. Why Didn't He Call Back? Find Out Now