Bride Challenges Groom To A Cake-Eating Contest

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Is a wedding the right venue for competitive eating?

My former home—Jacksonville, Florida—has a thing or two for me to be proud of. They have a fantastic 4th of July party, reasonably-priced shorefront property, relative safe harbor from hurricanes, delicious fish tacos and, last month, a fantastic wedding cake eating contest.

Per, a professional competitive eater named Hall Hunt decided that you cannot stop being who you are even on your wedding day. He married a 25-year-old teacher named Emily Wright and, in a tip of the cap to his part-time vocation, she tried to out-eat the country's number nine eater. When most of us think about eating contests, we think about a bunch of dudes sitting around taking down tube steak left, right and center, but these lovers decided to chow down on a little cake. Is Wedding Pie The New Wedding Cake?

World-class eater Joey Chestnut (the reigning Coney Island Hotdog Eating champion, thumping the disgraced Kobayashi) was in attendance, and he joined the happy couple for their little cake-off. In 30 seconds, the trio had to eat up as much cake as possible and, surprisingly, the bride took the first prize.

Frankly, I've never heard of anyone feeling like a winner after just a half minute of cake-eating, but it was their wedding night and everyone should have been pretty happy that there was any cake eaten at all. I am not, however, all that surprised that a hot dog eater like Joey Chestnut didn't fare as well at eating cake. At least no one smashed anyone's face in it. When Weddings Go Wrong

What do you think about people gorging themselves at their wedding or bringing a piece of what they love into their nuptials? It's better than getting blackout drunk, right?