Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow for Parenting Advice

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Follow these tweeps for the lowdown on (surviving) parenthood.

Our sister blog—Love Buzz—previously ran a number of Twitter Top 10 lists. Those lists told you who to follow for sex advice, dating advice and more. They cut out the riffraff and presented you with the awesome. Well. We thought it was about time that, here at LoveMom, we shared the goods on the coolest moms and dads on Twitter. Because—when it comes to parenting—we could all use someone to reach out to every once in awhile, even if it's only virtually.

1. @mymamamojo

A life coach who focuses on women, Heather Sobieralski shares food-for-thought blog posts, life lessons and tales from the parenting trenches.

Sample Tweet: My son told me I was the best mom he's ever had. Do you think it had anything to do with the 2 bowls of ice cream?

2. @babysteph

Mommy blogger Stephanie Precourt beguiles with an adorable user icon. Once that catches your eye, you'll be similarly drawn in by the slice-of-life blog posts and great convos.

Sample Tweet: My kids are on their second freeze pop of the morning. So? It's SUMMER! :)

3. @makingitlovely

Nicole Balch is known primarily as a design blogger, but when motherhood became a part of her life, we became fascinated by everything baby. We love how she seamlessly blends the mommy content with the design porn.

Sample Tweet: What did you always want in your room when you were a kid? I longed for a daybed (I thought they were SO cool).

4. @DadGoneMad

Author of Rage Against the Meshugenah and a regular daddyblogger, we mostly love Danny Evans because he makes us laugh. And isn't that what dads are for?

Sample Tweet: I have 1 extra ticket. I want to take my wife because I love her. I want to take my friend because it would be life-altering. Who do I take?

5. @alittlepregnant

Follow Julie Robichaux for her blatant honesty, and her willingness to engage. Her blog about "infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood"? The cherry on top.

Sample Tweet: Just got back from a lovely afternoon walk with my kids, conducted entirely at gritted-teeth-point.

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