6 Mobile Dating Tips

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The CEO of SpeedDate gives us some essential mobile dating advice.

A common complaint among online dating veterans is that it's a bummer to spend months exchanging e-mails with a potential suitor only to meet in person and realize there's no chemistry—or to find you've been corresponding with someone who's not all that keen on meeting up, period.

Enter mobile dating, online dating's impulsive little sister. Not only do you no longer have to spend hours at home in front of your computer trolling through profile after lengthy profile, mobile dating is often location-based, which means if you hit it off with someone you chatted up on your lunchbreak, you could suggest meeting for an after-work drink. That very evening. Instant gratification, right?

We had the chance to glean mobile dating advice from SpeedDate CEO and co-founder Dan Abelon. SpeedDate is a 10-million-user-strong online dating site that hosts three-minute virtual speed dates for singles via IM, video chat or live audio. The site also offers iPhone and iPad applications, which means you could feasibly meet Mr. Right while you're killing time at the laundromat or waiting at the dentist's office. How To Get A Free iPad

Abelon offered us the following tips for those dating on the go:
1. Adjust your mobile dating profile to focus more on an action-based lifestyle. Instead of writing "I enjoy dance music," state which local clubs you like to visit.
2. Respond quickly to mobile alerts notifying you someone is interested. Unlike traditional online dating, faster responses are expected because alerts are in real-time.
3. Photo quality is key. A good profile pic has been shown to increase chances of meeting someone by a factor of 10.
4. Make it personal. While current events can be good conversation topics, you're more likely to get a positive response if the comment is personal about him.
5. Make the first move! Research suggests men are more likely to start a conversation, so why not break the mold and contact him first? 9 Foursquare Relationship Tips
6. Be unique. Don't start a conversation online with a complete stranger with open-ended introductions that don't stand out. Stay away from phrases like "Hey there," "How are you doing?" or cheesy pick-up lines.

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