January Jones Moves On To SNL's Jason Sudeikis

January Jones Jason Sudeikis

New celebrity couple or just a PR move? You tell us.

January Jones sure likes to keep us guessing with her love life. First, we were certain that she and Adrien Brody were dating. Then, after her mysterious car crash, we suspected that she might be having an affair with Bobby Flay. She was also linked to Jeremy Piven at one point, but, then again, who hasn't been?

Most recently, the Mad Men actress was snapped leaving a birthday party with SNL's Jason Sudeikis, who has either decided that he needs to be more tabloid-famous, or has just run into some dumb luck with some famous women. (He was previously rumored to be auditioning for the role as Jennifer Aniston's new, real-life boyfriend.) New Couple: Jennifer Aniston & Jason Sudeikis?

SocialiteLife.com points out that this is the third time that January and Jason have been seen in public together (they were previously seen "canoodling at the ESPY Awards and enjoying a lunch date together in Los Feliz) so clearly, they must be an item, right? Either way, with January's seemingly love them-and-leave-them approach to dating (or is it - be photographed with them and then leave them?) we will expect her to be on the arms of another cute guy very soon.

Photo Credit: Splash/The Daily Mail