A Lotto Ticket: The Best Wedding Gift Ever?

man in suit presenting small gift box
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A wedding gift that won't ever pan out.

In some places, it is customary for the bride and groom to exchange wedding and/or engagement gifts. Lots of dudes feel that the engagement ring, particularly if it follows the two-months-of-salary "rule," is a pretty solid gift in and of itself. Nonetheless, men—who have been given the gift of love, companionship and, typically, a factory for babies—generally give something thoughtful when they think of it.

But all of these guys—with their monogrammed letter openers, Waterford salad bowls, and coupons for snuggles and car detailing—got nothing on this fellow from the Show Me state. In Missouri, a man gave his bride a winning lotto ticket. 

The man, a 33-year-old from St. Louis, gave his wife a lottery ticket as an early wedding gift, a ticket that eventually won them $250,000. Though the Yahoo! News summary of the situation never explicitly says this, one would guess that the groom picked up the ticket (which many see as a tax on those poor at math) on the way to the wedding rather than show up empty-handed. I once picked up flowers and a bottle of wine on the way to a date, and all we got was a mild fruit fly infestation and a pair of serious hangovers. How To Give A Gift That Shows Your Love

The best gift I've ever seen for a wedding? In addition to largely unconditional love and future beautiful children, a pal's wife gave him tickets to hit up every NFL stadium sometime within the first 10 years of their marriage. 

What's the best wedding gift you've ever seen or heard of? Is a lotto ticket as a wedding gift a bad metaphor for the likely success of a modern marriage? Do the bride and groom have a year to give a gift like the rest of us?