Links We Love: Creative Proposals And Oprah

ring on finger

Two creative wedding proposals that make us squeal and other links we love.

When The Dave and I were dating and it seemed that a proposal was nigh, I made my needs very clear. If he proposed with food or on a jumbotron at a baseball game, I'd call for a "do over." It's not that I don't like food or baseball. It's just that I'd probably eat the ring and I don't want to share an intimate moment with thousands of drunk Minnesota Twins fans. No offense, Twins.

Every girl has her dream proposal and her nightmare scenario. "Will you marry me?" Asked entirely in belches. That actually sounds awesome. But I bet no woman thought about the Old Spice Guy. This week, The Old Spice Guy proposed on YouTube on behalf of a fan. 

Another creative and in-love fellow proposed to his girlfriend with graffiti. There was even a box for her to check her answer. The couple that vandalizes together, stays together. (LaughingSquid)

Despite all the love up in here, NPR reports that more couples are choosing to have kids than to marry and they profile a couple who refuse to exchange rings. (NPR)

One of the many reasons, people reject marriage is because they don't believe in monogamy. Lemondrop's guy blogger in residence explains his thoughts on being true to one person, for ever, and ever, and ever and ever. (Lemondrop)

But don't despair. Couples really can make it work and Oprah has the proof. This week, her web site profiled real couples and their real advice for making it work in this crazy world. (Oprah)

What do you think: Is monogamy realistic?