Baby Bytes: Too Busy To Make Friends

baby on laptop
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Some moms are turning to matchmaking sites to make friends. That and more.

Here at LoveMom, we bring you the love. Our weekly Baby Bytes bring you everything else. Here are this week's 6 must-click mom links:

As book nerds who have learned just about everything courtesy of Amazon, we love Moms in Babeland's list of super-helpful sex ed books and resources. [Moms in Babeland]

Imogen? Maisie? Beatrice!? We can't stop double checking this list of the top 100 girls' names of 2010. [Huffington Post]

Would you go on a matchmaking site to meet friends? Well, parenting doesn't leave much time for meeting new people while out and about... or being out and about in general. [momlogic]

This couple can't agree on how to raise their child. Frankly, we're more worried about their marriage. Check out this spot-on advice. [Ladies' Home Journal]

Miscarriages are more common than you think, yet most of us avoid bringing them up in conversation. If it does pop up, here's what not to say. [babble]

Moving from house to house is about more than just location. How can it affect your child? [The New York Times]