DiCaprio Admits Fatherhood Is His Plan Maybe


Leonardo DiCaprio lays out his fatherhood plan, which means playing one on screen -- for now.

Is it really surprising that gorgeous, talented, on-again, off-again supermodel-dating Leonardo DiCaprio is, at 35 years of age, just now ready to start thinking about the possibility of children "in a few more years"?

And that he does so in the most lackadaisical, career-contextal manner? Single And 30 Is Another Double Standard

You see, he's ready to start playing a father, but actually being one? Well I guess... someday he says, more or less over at People magazine.

"Do I want to be a father? Yes, but I think I have a few more years... That said, I don't think I need to have children to play a father in the movies. This feeling is in me, I understand it completely."

Oh really? He understands it completely? When's the Best Time to Start a Family?

He explains: "I'm not that old, my biological clock isn't ticking yet. I'd like to leave it to fate if and when I'm going to be a father. A part of me has too many professional plans to even seriously consider it. When I see the children in my family though, the idea of having children doesn't seem too far-fetched."

Adding: "Someday a family is going to happen. But right now I'm just very happy doing what I am doing."

Don't worry, Leo. We don't think Bar Rafaeli is in any rush to add stretch marks to that taunt tummy of hers. At 25, she still has two more years before her biological clocks begins its tick tick tick. Why We Become Sex Crazed At Age 27

Photo via FamePictures.