The Best Of The Web: French Sexy & Feng Shui

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Small breasts, crabby spouses and dating Brian Fairbanks.

It's the end of another week and that means that it's time for the best the web has to offer. Occasionally, even I have to admit other websites have some pretty darn worthwhile stuff.

First up, Asylum let us know that YourTango contributor Brian Fairbanks has news of a website that will track another Brian's every dating move and even hook him up with his share of matches (  10 Simple Things Men Want

On the topic of websites you probably don't know about, Em & Lo ( have word on a Facebook for nudists. So, you just look down for a status update, right?

And talking about nudity, CoedMagazine gives three cheers for women with smallish boobs (anything under a C-Cup). We're no closer to an answer about what's superior, built for comfort or built for speed.
While we're talking about stereotypically modest-chested women, Glo (our new besties) discusses why French broads are so darn sexy and by extension how you can be sexy in the same way. A little red wine, a little j'ne sais quoi and you're ready to get your Audrey Tautou on. The Secret To Dating Like A French Woman

Some folks think the French have a permanent case of the grumps. Gretchen Rubin with Huffington Post has seven solid tips to help your spouse (re: guy) get over being crabby. There's a powder for that, right?

Now on to something completely different, pal Jessica Wakeman with TheFrisky wants to know what you think about making mash-ups during your monthly (sorry, period sex). Use the ugly towels…

Whether the action is during a very specific few days or the other 24, Lemondrop thinks it can be better with a little Feng Shui. I know what you're thinking, "I KNOW what goes where," but evidently the arrangement of your room can make sex better. Not just mirrors. Can You Feng Shui Your Way To Love?

Finally, the lads at The Plunge want you to maximize your only honeymoon with fantastic sex. Go ahead and use the new towels.

BON WEEKEND! Also, let us know what you think.