Reggie Bush Wants Kim Kardashian Back

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush
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Reggie's jealous of Kim's new man, Miles Austin. Is he trying to break them up?

Reggie Bush had the grace to look mightily embarrassed at last night's ESPY Awards when host Seth Meyers remarked that the show was where "sports and entertainment come together—like a Kardashian sister's bedroom." We're of the opinion that ESPN's cameras only cut to Reggie because Khlodom wasn't in attendance. But was his blushing grin because he’s desperate to get back together with Kim Kardashian?

This week's Life & Style is trumpeting Kim's new relationship with Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, and has perhaps the seventh or eighty-first permutation of her "revenge body" on the cover. Because you know rich, famous, handsome, talented Reggie Bush is having a hard time attracting comely female company since he and Kim broke up in March. The tabloid says that Reggie has been e-mailing Kim nonstop since she started dating Miles and is wildly jealous. Was Reggie Bush Cheating On Kim Kardashian?

We tend to agree with the analysis from those snarky wenches over at Celebitchy: This whole story reads like Kim is trying to get Reggie back, not the other way around. After all, Life & Style is pretty well acknowledged to be the Kardashian sisters' personal newsletter, and Reggie is way more famous than Miles. (Although Miles is very cute.) And after Kim's attempt at becoming a World Cup WAG was stifled by Cristiano Ronaldo's affection for his new girlfriend—and his new baby, because you know Kim hates babies—it's only logical she'd go back to her Super Bowl–winning ex. Kim And Reggie: Fighting After The Super Bowl

Besides, how can you not love Reggie when he's that cute and this good at making fun of himself? Seriously. Reggae Bush. Love it.