Mixing Friends and Family


Amongst men all over the world there are unwritten rules that we all
abide by. These rules include everything from not using the urinal next
to another male in a public place, being the proper wingman, and
siblings. When it comes to sisters, guys everywhere get incredibly testy
when other males give them ANY kind of attention. Is this justified? Is
it not possible that for a friend to simply be the matchmaker? Odds are
that probably wont happen, and if your friend doesn’t want you going
near his sister, its because he knows exactly what you do at the bars
and doesn’t want you anywhere near his family. He knows you don’t call
back. He knows you cheat.
And he knows exactly where you’ve been. Someone like that can easily
turn into your biggest enemy.
Lets fast forward and pretend that you actually like your friends sister
more than the blonde you hooked up with at the bar because she told you
her boyfriend was cheating
on her and wanted to return the favor. Say you break man code and
actually establish a relationship with your buddy’s sister. Lets face
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