Mom, I Can Find Dates On My Own


Is a matchmaking mom really doing her son a favor?

Lots of people out there find their mothers quite meddlesome when it comes to dating. If stand-up comedy is to be believed, many of these people belong to a particular ethno-socio-religious group. Maybe a group that refers to smoked salmon as Lox. Sure, other cultures do this, but outside of Russell Peters they don't have much in the way of a stand-up comedy voice. At any rate, it looks like a mom has decided to drag her son, grinning and bearing, into the world of Web 2.0 dating. My Mom, The Amazingly Good Matchmaker

Per a fun interview with MomLogic, Geri Brin decided that her son Colby can't be trusted with something as important as who he might date. This 31-year old scamp has his own section on his mom's site, and she's matched him up with somewhere between five and ten ladies. Being 31 myself, on the cusp of Gen X and Gen Y, I've always wondered if there was a way to figure out which generational miasma someone falls in. If your mom has a section of her website dedicated to your love life, you are a member of Generation Y. So, here's the test: if you act more like a Seth Rogen character than an Ethan Hawke character, you're in Gen Y.

At any rate, a good read and something we'll probably be seeing more of in the near future, especially as older people become more tech savvy and, paradoxically, more amenable to arranged relationships. Are Mom And Dad Meddling With Your Love Life?

And on the downside of mom-son relating. breaks down the case of Oedipal proportions. Aimee Sword gave up her kid for adoption and then had sex with him 14 years later. She's been sentenced to a nine-year bid in the pokey but lots of questions, largely starting with the word "gross" and ending with the phrase "I could never," have arisen.

Salon discusses the idea of Genetic Sexual Attraction and tastefully steers clear of the Mackenzie Phillips situation. Evidently, there is some familial bio-chemistry we're struggling to understand. The film Spanking The Monkey explores this topic but with adults and not 14-year olds. I think I'm starting to understand Eminem a little more. Aussie Man Has Daughter With His Daughter

And for a quick shot of sorbet to wash that incest taste out, Dave & Ethan have their grandmas help them find dates.