Are Courteney Cox & David Arquette On The Rocks?

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Both Courteney and David have given interviews about the state of their marriage recently.

What is going on with Courteney Cox and David Arquette? First, there are rumors that Courteney is cheating on David with her Cougartown co-star Brian Van Holt and isn't wearing her wedding ring. Then, David gives a weird interview about the state of their marriage, saying everything is fine. Now, according to, Courteney has spoken candidly to Instyle Magazine for the August issue and reveals that her marriage has had its "ups and downs" (And, interesting enough, she says this while not wearing her wedding ring. Hmmm...)

So are Courteney and David headed for divorce after 11 years of marriage and one daughter named Coco? Here are some clues that the answer may be yes. David Arquette: Courteney Isn't Cheating!

1. They have already tried couple's counseling, without success. "We’ve done couples therapy in the past," said Courteney. We’re not lazy about our marriage. We have the same arguments we’ve had for years."

2. The things she once found endearing about David, now drive her nuts: "If we didn’t live together, David wouldn’t even notice if a lightbulb had burned out!...He collects things; I don’t. When we first lived together, I lived with [his] clown paintings, bobbleheads … I couldn’t do that now." Courtney Cox: Divorce Is Not an Option

3. True to her Cougartown character, she thinks that younger men, like 24-year-old Robert Pattinson, are hot. "How old is he? I saw one picture of him and he looked dangerous; I like it," she said of the Twilight star.

The only positive thing she says of David and her marriage is that they "make an effort to stay connected," which is not exactly a ringing endorsement of marital bliss. Perhaps, Courteney will be joining BFF Jennifer Aniston for a single girls' night out sometime soon?