Why He Likes Steaks & She Likes Ice Cream


What are the real gender differences when it comes to food cravings?

As you likely know, men eat steak and women eat cucumber sandwiches. Riddhi Shah at Salon.com explores why dudes and chicks have a hankering for different foods. And, woopty-woop, part of the problem is the work of Hollywood's ad wizards and the other part is the disintegration of the family.  

Per some studies, Americans do show a gender bias when it comes to food: men don't crave chocolate and women aren't really into that which is salty and bitter. These studies suggest that women are predisposed to liking sugar and spice and everything nice, while men liked eating your beef, bison and beef-allos as a reward for slaying these beasts and to build muscle mass for fighting, hunting and lifting stuff. Also, food craving by women may or not have something to do with hormones and certain nutrient deficiencies during pregnancy and monthlies. Glad we got that cleared up. 5 Romantic Ways To Use Food

However, not all cultures have those proclivities. For instance, it's British schoolboys, with their short-shorts, knee socks, and silly caps, who prefer sugary snacks. And other countries have similar disconnects with the boys-like-burgers / girls-like-gingerbread scenario. For instance, Ms. Shah's Indian husband is the one who prefers sweets. Add to that my Indian brother-in-law's love of sugary snacks and that means at least 2 out of half a billion Indian men like chocolate more than their ladies do. Our 2 Favorites: Food & Sex

The best part of this post is the possible implication that it's not just Don Draper making ladies take down pint after pint of sweet, delicious Häagen-Dazs, but familial discord. Check out the Salon post for more on that one.

Frankly, I'm not sure it all adds up. I prefer my chocolate to come from exploited populations and I like milk chocolate over that gross dark. Also, in no way does this change the fact that girls have the buns and boys have the hotdogs. Finally, a big thanks to Ms. Shah letting me know about girls "Busching" one another. I thought that was something completely different. No Such Thing As An Aphrodisiac? Nonsense.

Notice any gender-y food preferences in your life? Have you ever ordered the filet when he had a salad?