Mel Gibson Tapes: Gross, Abusive, Not Surprising

Mel Gibson tapes

More audio of Mel Gibson verbally abusing Oksana Grigorieva is released. We feel sick.

More audio clips of Mel Gibson screaming abuse at his eighth child's mother, Oksana Grigorieva, surfaced this week, and we have had it up to here with gross racist screamy Mel. Seriously. He's ruining large swaths of film history for us as well as offering an object lesson in just what Hollywood will put up with (say, racist, misogynistic wife-beaters) as long as the films make money. Of course, we've never actually heard Charlie Sheen use the N-word. So there's that. 

The latest Gibson tape features Mel directing a particularly nasty epithet that pertains to Tuesdays repeatedly at Oksana. If you'd like to hear it, you can do so over at Gawker, but keep in mind that the language is not safe for your workplace or really, for your soul. You were warned. If you'd prefer to read what Mel said, please peruse it along with some kittens, courtesy of those nice folks at Buzzfeed. Mel Gibson Gets Restraining Order Against Babymama

In all the recordings released so far (and we hope this is the last of them, although that seems unlikely), Mel threatens to kill Oksana, tells her she deserves to be raped, and uses various racial and sexual epithets that you not only can't say on television but which are also frowned on in your nicer crack dens and drinking establishments frequented by sailors. Oksana can be heard on one of the recordings accusing Mel of hitting her while she’s holding their baby, and later says that being with Mel has wrecked her life. Which sounds like an understatement. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is currently investigating Oksana's allegations of domestic abuse.

So here are the things Mel Gibson has ruined thus far: The lovely afterglow of Spain's World Cup win. All the Lethal Weapon movies. Our affection for Scotsmen in blue facepaint. ANIMATED DISNEY MOVIES. And, of course, Jesus. Thanks for nothing, Mel. Please go away now.

Via Gawker. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.