Hugh Hefner Just Wants To Be Adored By Women

Hugh Hefner

The 84-year-old playboy has little use for babies or other men.

Hugh Hefner is a lover — a jealous lover, one could say, despite the free love mantra.

For instance, is it surprising that one of Hef's biggest objections to marriage and family life is the love a child demands? There's just not enough room for Hef and a child when it comes to mommy's adoration:

"I have been married twice, and those were not the happiest times of my life," he explains in an interview for the New York Times Magazine.

"Part of the problem, quite frankly, is that when you get married, the romance disappears and the children arrive and the love is transferred. It shouldn't be that way, but too often it is transferred to the children." The Danger In Putting The Kids First

You see, Hugh Hefner never bought into the whole "1950s notion" to "find the right girl, get married, move to the suburbs and then hang out with the guys while she stayed home with the babies."

A sentiment that the interviewer points out is still around today as "the emotionally limited men depicted in Judd Apatow movies, who seem to prefer one another's company to that of women."

"I felt that was sort of sad," says Hef, which is kind of sweet in narcissistic way.

Forget Seth Rogen, bring him busty blonde babes and a bottle of Viagra any day. Sex With Playmates Nearly Kills Hugh Hefner

Or at least a few times a week, which is all that the octogenarian playboy will admit to.

"I don't take it a lot, but I take it when it's called for... I would say at 84 it helps. It's God's little helper."

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