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John Stamos’ Sex Life Is On Trial

John Stamos

John Stamos has come a long way since his days as Uncle Jesse on Full House. Instead of playing the part of a father figure to three underaged girls, Stamos is now accused of having a sordid fling with one.

Back in December, a man and a woman were arrested for conspiracy to commit extortion after allegedly blackmailing Stamos for $680,000 by telling him that they had photos of him with cocaine and strippers. Allison Coss, 24, is one of the people on trial and claims to have had a fling with Stamos, when she was only a 17-year-old high school student.

According to the Associated Press, Stamos and Coss met in 2004 at a club in Orlando, Fla. shortly after Stamos separated from his then-wife, Rebecca Romijn. He invited Coss and her friend back to his hotel room and bought them drinks, even though Coss admitted that she was only 17. Stamos and Coss later kissed, stripped down to their underwear, and got in a hot tub together where he offered to perform oral sex on her, something that she declined. Rebecca Romijn And Jerry O’Connell Get Married On A Warm Day

They later spent the night together, but not before Stamos broke a bedpost with his hand out of frustration, and two strippers showed up with a bag of cocaine.

While it’s not clear whether he will address the allegations of the affair, Stamos is expected to testify during the trial. Regardless of the outcome, we doubt that he will be offered any more roles as a goofy but lovable father figure, anytime soon.