Can Kissing Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms?

woman sneezing into tissue
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What do kissing, coughing, and Tiger Woods have in common?

First, an anecdote. There was once a golfing phenom named Eldrick (you may know him as Tiger Woods). He wowed the world by hitting a golf ball very far at a young age. He then made some untold millions of dollars hitting a golf ball very far and wearing clothes for companies. And it was good. Then he married a friend's nanny and made between one and three babies with her. Then it was revealed that he was having consensual sex with women other than former nanny and he was shamed. Then, this Tiger Woods made a comeback at The Masters and a friend pointed out that he was suffering mightily from allergies. Is it possible that Tiger Woods was doing, or NOT doing, something differently this time around at The Masters*? Tiger Woods Is Dating Again

And now the punch line, per a study done by Department of Allergy at Satou Hospital (Osaka, Japan): kissing can alleviate mild eczema and rhinitis. Rhinitis, as I'm sure you know, is nasal drip sometimes caused by external allergens; your pollens, your pet danders, your dusts, etc. The half-hour of kissing not only made people feel really good about themselves but it also banged down their IgE levels according to Reason #465 why kissing is the bestest, well second bestest. 5 Reasons Kissing Is Good For You

But kissing and allergies don't always go together like tonsils and hockey. Per the Mirror, a young gal in the United Kingdom nearly met her maker after a passionate kiss from boyfriendo. In a case straight out of an episode of House (the show about the crotchety but preternaturally talented MD called Dr. House), the young woman had a peanut allergy and the dusting of nut that her guy hand on his lips pushed her into anaphylactic shock. Food Allergies And Dating: Recipe For Disaster?

The lesson, as always, is brush after meals and if you've a serious allergy, keep an EpiPen handy. Oh, and kiss regularly, it's pretty nice. If We Stop Kissing Then Swine Flu Wins

*Note: The pollen is not fun in April in Georgia. I once washed my car twice in one week because of that yellow stuff.

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