Community: Screw The Rules, Find A Soul Mate!


Months back, my friend Corey got a peculiar email from a woman with whom he’d gone on one date. The email included an invitation to a second meeting, a string of compliments…and a picture of the girl buck naked.

Corey spent the next several days titillated and curious, but mostly confused. What did the Naked Girl, as we named her, hope to achieve with such a move? If she was offering herself up as a booty call, should he dial her digits? If she was a damaged soul, how could he make a clean break? Ultimately, Corey was convinced to put an end to the madness.

I checked in with Corey about the Naked Girl the other day. He’s still seeing her.

And how ‘bout this? My friend Tommy introduced me to his pretty, sweet, kinda quirky new girlfriend at a gritty downtown pub. We were sharing a plate of nachos when a glob of sour cream plopped onto the table. Tommy’s girl plunged her finger into the glob then sucked the cream off it. She ate food off the table. Did Tommy blush or chide her under his breath? Nope. He lovingly rolled his eyes then kissed her on the forehead. Explained: Why Men Go For Certain Types

Then there’s Jay who just caught his girl lying about dating other dudes online. A few months before, she’d come home with an STD. Jay was a wreck last week when I spoke to him about these recent events. This week? They’re working it out.

One more. A chick who works with a friend of mine had a whirlwind, week-long romance with a guy visiting from out of town. After the week was over, she “surprised” him by showing up at his apartment half-way across the country. Although the act freaked him out big time, the gal continued to call constantly, send obsessive emails and make surprise visits. You’d think the guy would move to Mars to avoid such insanity. But he didn’t. A few weeks later, he asked her to move in with him.

Boggles the mind.

I feel sorry for all the kind, stable, lovely single gals I know still struggling to find a partner. The kind of gals who offer humor rather than nudie pics, wit rather than venereal disease. These are women who don’t have to follow some arbitrary set of rules to land a man, they’re decent people so know them already: be considerate, give a man space if he needs it and love when he’s ready, be yourself but don’t be afraid to be a little dazzling and feminine. 2 Types Of Flirts: Which Are You?

Certainly, everyone deserves love, including the aforementioned females. But how come so many gals who break every rule in the book are walking hand-in-hand with the apples of their eyes, while ladies with their act together stay solo? I believe when someone feels a connection, nothing his or her partner does is wrong, including eating nachos off a table. But I also wonder how many odd situations come together simply because people don’t want to be alone.

Regardless, I’m changing my tune as far as doling out romantic advice goes. Screw the rules, I say. Be a slob! Be a psycho! Give ‘im the Clap!

Worse case scenario, you suffer some embarrassment. Best case? You fall in love.

**Reprinted from Laura K. Warrell's blog Tart&Soul at