Sex Up Your Life

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There's nothing wrong with upping the spice in the bedroom. Giving your man some visual stimulation will not only heat things up, it will also have you feeling sexy and confident. Some bedroom apparel can border the fine line of skanky, kinky, or just plain appalling. And let's face it - the thought of being lingerie clad can be a little daunting. The time has finally come to overcome these obstacles. Here are some different styles to help you sex up your life, whether you're feeling like a vixen, or just a little flirty.

Sexy Little Things® Satin Lace-up Corset

Vixen: A vixen persona is the epitome of sexy. This is the idea of being tempting and maybe even a little naughty. Think seductive colors like red and black. Substitute mesh as a less frilly version of lace and don't be afraid of some cleavage. It may leave little to the imagination, but this style of lingerie can quickly make things hot when the mood is right.

Sheer Lacy Babydoll

Sweet: The "girl next door" mentality, with this look you can play up your innocent side. Contrary to the vixen style, the sweet look incorporates much softer colors such as white and pastels. It's playful yet still sexy without being extremely revealing. Try a babydoll which is similar to a camisole and incorporates a fitted bra top with midriff coverage that flows away from the bustline. This look is especially fitting for girls who are not ready to bare it all.

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This article was written by Kasey Dickenson, a Fashion and Health Writer for M.O.O.D. Magazine.  She is currently a senior Print Journalism major at Penn State University, minoring in Psychology and French&Francophone Studies.