Dating profiles with "young at heart".

Buzz, Love

Honest to god, nothing makes a person sound more geriatric than “young at heart”.  Seriously, have you ever heard a young person say those words? No. No. No. Young people don’t say they’re young at heart any more than they’ll say they need more fiber. It just isn’t a young thing to say.


Not only that, when I read the profiles of these presumably youthful, though clearly middle aged singles, they seem to mistake being young at heart with trying to copy the fashion, interests and behaviors of people who are younger than them. Risking a cardiac arrest by taking on a marathon with runners half your age does not make you young. Risking giving others a cardiac arrest by wearing a thong bikini does not make you young. Also, picking up slang from urban dictionary does make you “tight”. Feel me?

Besides being trite and overused (the worst mistakes ever when trying to “market” yourself online), young at heart dates you. It does just the opposite of what you’re actually trying to do. Plus it sounds as though you’re apologizing for your age. 


Instead of being self-conscious or trying to overcompensate for age – which isn’t even a flaw, let alone something you can change - write a profile that brings out your qualities. That way, you’ll attract people who want what you have to offer rather than trying to offer what you think people want.  It’s a much stronger, more confident and more rewarding position.


“Young at heart” and other misguided attempts at sounding appealing are good reasons why you need a professional to write your profile.  No matter how well intentioned you are, you can inadvertently ruin your chance at making a great first impression.  

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