Single And 30 Is Another Double Standard

female hands holding drinks

One man's take on why women and men are questioned differently on their single status.

You know what really sucks for us guys? When we slip up and accidentally imagine being a single woman.

Not because being a woman or being single is terrible, mind you. But because occasionally we remember that, as men, we don't have to explain why we're alone with the sheer maddening regularly that you all do. This thought has occurred to me at various points in my life but was made crystalline while at dinner this past weekend with my close friend, S. Lemondrop: The Top Cities For Single Women

S and I are both unmarried, uncoupled and in our 30s. Now, this makes sense for me. I'm slightly unhinged and haven't been on a third date since there were only two "Shrek" movies. There are only a few things I know with utter certainty: Grape Nuts contain neither grapes nor nuts, unicorns are real, and I'm only good at strange, psycho-sexual affairs that end in mutually assured isolation. But my friend S? She's gorgeous, smart, successful and funny. Lemondrop: Spinster And Single Ladies We Love

I found myself wondering, Wait a damn minute, why is she single?

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Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop