Baby Bytes: Mommy Makeover

baby on laptop

Forever 21 is giving moms-to-be chic clothes, and we're giving you links to relieve parenting woes.

Here at LoveMom, we bring you the love. Our weekly Baby Bytes bring you everything else. Here are this week's 8 must-click mom links.

Kourtney Kardashian doesn't like the idea of a "boring mom" and now, with Forever 21's new maternity line, our clothes don't have to be! [People]

Prenatal vitamins: P for passe? [babble]

Fixing the disconnect: a family's brains on computers. Thanks, YouTube. [ABC]

A teen tantrum to you could be depression for them. Here's a helpful list of things to say (and not to say) in those situations. [Parent Dish]

Yes, here's more advice on how to budget for a new baby. [New York Times]

Puppy love and marriage: how young is too young? [momlogic]

Will Smith started it when he sang. "Parents Just Don't Understand," but there is a way to prove you're a good parent. [New York Times]

If Romy and Michelle didn't "invent" post-its, this Dad would be lost and we'd be laughing less. [tumblr]