Links We Love: Weddings Are A Drag


Why planning a wedding should be fun and other links we love.

When I got married, I thought planning a wedding might actually kill me. The flowers and the make-up. Not to mention (oh but I'm going to) the guests wondering what they should wear and would there be food for their vegetarian, lactose intolerant poodle? Plus, throw in all the hair-dos and the "Are you getting your nails done? You really should consider it"—I figured I'd rather lick all the toilets in Central Park than plan another wedding. Despite a few late night calls to The Dave begging for a quickie Vegas wedding, I soldiered through. And somehow, between my cousin insisting I hung the tulle wrong and my mother disappointed in the lack of polish on my nails, we said "I do." In hindsight, planning a wedding felt like one of those odesseian tasks that proved me worthy of the next challenge: marriage

Despite the headaches, ruffles and frosting, Sandy over at She Just Got Married argues that weddings (and marriages) should actually be fun. And if you aren't having fun, something is wrong. She is right of course. A marriage and a wedding that takes itself too seriously is doomed to, if not failure, then a lot of anxiety attacks. And fun as a couple is something you make, not something that just happens. Check out what Sandy has to say here. And check out the other links we love below.

Planning a wedding and being married are serious stuff. But if you aren't having fun then you are doing something wrong. [She Just Got Married]

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Was wedding planning a pain or a pleasure?