Brazilian Soccer Star Accused of Lover's Murder

Bruno Fernandes

Goalie Bruno Fernandes is accused of murdering his baby's mother.

Amid the excitement of the final days of the World Cup, there is also sadness, as one of Brazil's most famous soccer player was arrested yesterday. 25-year-old goalie Bruno Fernandes is accused of arranging the murder of his lover, Eliza Samudio, also 25, after she became pregnant and refused to have an abortion.

According to The Guardian, the couple met last year at a party and Samudio became pregnant after their first encounter. After she decided to keep the child, now 4 months old, Fernandes allegedly lured her to a small town outside of Rio de Janeiro where she was beaten, killed by an accomplice, and had some of her body parts fed to a dog.

"Bruno was there and he saw how the woman was completely broken," said a homicide investigator involved with the case to The Guardian, adding that the soccer player was a "monster for what he did to this young lady."

"According to witnesses, he accompanied Eliza to her sacrifice and to her death," he further revealed.

Brazilians are so taken aback by this crime, that even the two female presidential candidates in Brazil's upcoming election weighed in.

"This is a barbaric crime," said Dilma Rousseff, the favored successor to the presidency. "The whole of Brazil is disgusted by such a barbaric and perverse crime."

Meanwhile, her rival Marina Silva told reporters that she was worried that the murder marked an uptick in violence against women in the South American country.

She said: "We have repeatedly seen this kind of episode against the lives of women."

Photo Credit: The Guardian