Is Jennifer Aniston Dating A Single Dad?

Jennifer Aniston Christopher Gartin

Jen was recently spotted on a date with actor Christopher Gartin.

Poor perpetually single Jennifer Aniston. There was a time when she was Mrs. Brad Pitt and married to one of the most beautiful and famous men on the planet and now, after a string of failed romances, she is once again back in the dating pool. This time, however, it seems she may have given up on the idea of finding a celebrity partner and is just trying to find a nice guy.

Although there were rumors that she was dating SNL's Jason Sudeikis, Jen was recently spotted on a date with 42-year-old TV actor Christopher Gartin, reports

According to OK Magazine, the couple, who had a romantic dinner at the paparazzi-friendly Sunset Tower in LA, are perfect together. Millionaire Matchmaker For Jennifer Aniston?

"Nothing could be better for him. Or more deserving. For both of them, actually. Chris is a gem of a guy...At first he’s so good looking that you think he might be arrogant or something. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is so warm and genuinely caring," said an inside source.

Although Christopher's lack of celebrity means that there is not a whole lot of information about him floating around, we do know that he is a New Yorker, like Jen, and a dad. Aniston Dumped Mayer Because Of Twitter

"He brought his children to the set once last year and he’s so caring and doting. He’s as natural dad, as if he were born to be a parent. How perfect for Jennifer if she wants kids and if their relationship takes them down that road."

We really hope this works out for Jen! After John Mayer and Gerard Butler, she deserves a nice guy.