Handicapped artist paints Mona Lisa using chalk


A huge chalk painting depicting Leonardo da Vinci' Mona Lisa on
the pavement of a street in Qingdao, Shandong Province, attracted a
lot of attention on July 5.

"It is true to the original Mona Lisa," a woman surnamed Li
said. "wow goldI will take a picture
and show it to my husband."

The chalk painting was about 1.6 meters wide and 2.3 meters long, and
the artist buy wow
wrote the sentence "Wishing all the people of Qingdao good
luck" above it .

Below the painting, there was a sketch of da Vinci and expressions of
greeting in Chinese, English,
German, French, Russian, Arabic and Korean.

Another painting, called Roc spreads its wings, could be mesosseen
under the foreign writing .

This was all the work of a disabled artist named Cong Langui who has
only one leg.

Cong, 48, became ill with cancer at the age of 16 and his left leg cheap wow
was amputated in order to save his life.

He later taught himself to paint, and has been without a permanent
home or regular employment since the age of 21.