Does ED Medication Lead To VD Medication?

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Priapism was once the biggest problem with Viagra; now it could be STDs.

As you likely know, about 110 percent of the American pharmaceutical business is dedicated to fixing erectile dysfunction. Everyone is very, very grateful for men being able to have sex well past the time that nature and poor health choices should have closed down any bedroom action. And it's been a heck of a run for older guys or regular fellows with serious circulation problems.

But, frankly, it's not all tent poles and priapism scares. According to Business Week, men in the over 40 set are not only screwing with these unholy bones but getting screwed themselves. There's been a huge rise in venereal diseases among men over 40 on ED medications. Men taking Viagra, Cialis and the like have three times as much funk on their junk (and in their blood stream) as men in the same age group not using hard candy.  Read: Is Pork The New Viagra?

Lest you think correlation means causation, researchers believe that the ED meds are probably just being used in "riskier" sex situations, i.e. condom-free sex (perhaps with the kind of youngsters who may have sex with an older person because of their his wealth!). Men dishing up soft serve simply have far fewer opportunities to transfer maladies. Read: Men Have Insecurities, Just Like Women

Personally, I'm glad that people can enjoy doing "stuff" well into their middle years and beyond. It's good that gold-diggers sleep with their sugar daddies. Maybe after you make your first several million, you no longer think condoms apply to you. Read: How To Live And Love With An STD

Any thoughts? Do you think middle-aged men can be convinced to use prophylactics?