Dating profiles that say "I'm socially inept".


Some things…no that’s not true - many things - are a mystery to me. For instance, though I couldn’t give a rat’s behind what’s inside a Caramilk bar, I would dearly love to know what’s underneath Justin Beiber’s fringe. I’d also love to know how come the Olsen twins are beginning to look like Ozzie Osbourne. Is it just the round sunglasses and frailty or is there some genetic link waiting to be disclosed by all the tabloids (or did I just tip them off)?


Another mystery to me is profiles that simply say, “Want to know, ask”.  Ask what?  Ask why you didn’t fill out a profile? 


Why would I ask anything of someone who says absolutely nothing about themselves? I’d have no idea what to ask.  Should I ask about your naïve assumption that just posting a picture will bring forth a deluge of questions from fascinated suitors?  Should I ask about the social retardation from which you appear to suffer? Or, should I ask something arbitrary like – when on a date, do you ever do any of the talking or do you leave it up to your date to do all the work?


Some singles dating online are under the misguided impression that looks are all that matter and, as such, they don’t bother completing their profile, let alone making it engaging. Fact is, looks matter. However, unless you’re by far the best person online, looks only get you so far. Chances are, no matter what you look like, there are others who are comparable. Hence, your only tool besides looks is an outstanding profile. Don’t ruin your chances by making a bad first impression. Make your profile interesting so that you too seem interesting. 


Yet another reason why you should hire a professional (me!) to write your online dating profile. 


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