Baby Bytes: Mama Drama


Child birth isn't easy, but here are some links to show the hardship doesn't end there.

Here at LoveMom, we bring you the love. Our weekly Baby Bytes bring you everything else. Here are this week's 6 must-click mom links.

Are you ready for babies? [The Frisky]

Could a glass of wine a day keep your unborn baby's sperm away? Here's a study that says 'yes.' [momlogic]

Nowadays, C-sections are more common, but not necessarily more safe.  [mothering]

As if the sex talk wasn't awkward enough, now you may be need to start giving it to your kids as early as Kindergarden.  [momlogic]

There's a new profession drawing a lot of attention: Friendship Coaches. Who knew there was a wrong way for your kids to make friends? [ParentDish]

Lastly, this mother is stressed out from balancing her job and daughters. Does mothering burn you out, too? [AskAllison]