5 Tips To Help You Gift When You're A New Couple

couple exchanging gifts

In a new relationship, should you gift him a bottle of wine or an iPad?

There is nothing I love more than finding the perfect gift. I plan birthday and holiday presents months in advance. I'll spend hours on eBay emailing a guy in the Philippines trying to get the original record of New Kids on the Block's greatest hits album just to see the look on my sister's face when she opens it. I go above and beyond when I care about the recipients, of course, but I really do it because it makes me feel so good to see how happy they are upon opening my awesome gifts. Lemondrop: Some Gifts Keep On Giving—To Other People.

Most of the time. 

In romantic relationships, there's a delicate line between thoughtful and unhinged. Especially when it comes to new ones that have yet to define themselves. I'll admit I've gone a tad overboard with men I've dated, and that some of them, upon opening the gift I spent days preparing, have been left speechless or visibly uncomfortable. 

So, yeah, learn from my mistakes and don't be that girl. Here's a handy guide to help you ladies out there determine the perfect gift, from book to cashmere scarf to treasured family heirloom. Lemondrop: Great Gifts To Buy For Any Guy

If His Birthday Falls 

... 1–3 Weeks After You Meet:

Do more than a text but no more than a bottle of wine (think the $25 range, max). If you get an actual card, make it funny. Stay away from traditional birthday trappings like balloons, flowers and novelty cakes -- sometimes the irony is lost and you just look sort of spooky. (I once surprised a guy I was newly dating by sending him a dozen balloons to his office that read "It's a Girl!" It didn't go over too well.) Keep it simple -- don't craft him anything terribly elaborate. You can bake him cookies, but don't knit, weld, smelt or offer any other overly effort-intensive "services" like cleaning his house. It might seem a little too eager. 

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Written by Sarah Monson for Lemondrop.