$30K Prize For Solving Taiwan's Fertility Problem

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Taiwan is another Asian nation with a huge replacement rate problem.

As you likely know, the island nation of Japan is on the losing end of a population battle. It's not that the oldsters are making things miserable for the younger folks with measures like adding stool softener to the drinking water. It's just that young people aren't making babies fast enough.

And there must be something in the water in that section of the Pacific, as the island nation of Taiwan is having troubles making babies, too. Maybe there's some industrial pollutant making its way from the Yangtze River into the East China Sea. Whatever the case, per Time, the country that calls itself the Republic of China has one of the lowest birthrates, and it's up to the Ministry of the Interior to get the population a-procreating. Japanese Robot Is Supposed To Cause Baby Fever

To that end, the Ministry is putting together mixers between their department—largely female—and dude-heavy governmental groups. But is this enough? Probably not, which is why Minister Jiang Yi-huah is offering 30 big ones (that's $30,000 USD) to anyone with a more promising plan for getting the Taiwanese to reproduce. 

I'd recommend creating a tax incentive for the young, by removing all taxes on alcohol and maybe think about making it so only older people with children can do it with prostitutes. If all else fails, they could probably hire the Duggars to consult. Josh Duggar Helps Deliver The First Grandduggar

How do you convince couples to have kids? Is there a solution to an aging population that the government can really enact? Or should everyone just Chiang Kai Shek themselves?