Say What? Mel Gibson Gets Nasty With Oksana

Mel Gibson Girlfriend Mistress Oksana Grigorieva

Well the truth has come out, and Oksana was right: Mel Gibson has been playing dirty... as well as violent, racist, misogynistic, crude, lewd and just plain foul.

RadarOnline has received audio recorded by Mel Gibson's estranged baby mama Oksana Grigorieva that proves once and for all that Mr. What-you-looking-at-sugar-tits? Gibson is certifiably insane and possibly dangerous. Did Mel Gibson Abuse Oksana Grigorieva?

As reported, Oksana claims she was forced to tape Mel after he made a series of death threats against her, tapes that "Mel is doing everything he can to suppress this..." says a source. "They are the rantings of a mad man."

"Oksana's motivation for recording this was to show Mel how mean he was, and because she feared for her life," says another inside source, adding: "She wanted to get evidence that he was dangerous and violent," in hopes that the recordings would be admissible in any potential trial. Mel Gibson Gets Restraining Order Against Babymama

So what did Mel say? Proceed with caution.

"You're an embarrassment to me," Mel tells her at one point.

"You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault."

Mel's profane outbursts are littered with references to Oksana being a "whore" and "c**t".

In another tirade, Mel tells Oksana: "How dare you act like such a bitch when I have been so f**king nice."

He warns, "I am going to come and burn the f**king house down... but you will blow me first."

The tapes do not make it clear what the couple was arguing about.

But Mel tells Oksana, "Look what you did to me... look what you are... look what every part of you is... f**king fake... f**king fake.

"You are the most synthetic person... who the f*** are you?" [Source: RadarOnline]