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It's easier to get forgiveness from a man or woman


Forgiveness. Is it ever something that comes easy? Maybe in an
episode of Full House, but when it comes to real people it may be a
different. Both men and women react to situations differently. Depending
on the situation, one might go as far as to completely block the other
from the their life altogether.

Consider the scenario: After 3 years of marriage, your man has just
come back from a business trip, and admits that he’s cheated on you. You’ve got a
house together, maybe a kid, and you’re not sure what to do. Take him
back? Leave him? The same could be said about a girl cheating on her man. What is
the correct course of action?

So who would it be easier for? I’ve had friends that have... for more of this article and others check out our blogs page at


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