Aged care an issue for Australians: Poll


Access to affordable quality aged care has been an issue weighing on
the minds of all Australians, not just the elderly, new polling
suggested on Wednesday.

The issue has been more of a worry than education or the environment wow gold
for most of the 1000 respondents of a recent online poll conducted for a
coalition of aged care groups.

More than 90 percent of respondents agreed aged care should be an buy wow goldentitlement,
and even more wanted to see an increase in commonwealth funding.

Even more, 95 percent agreed there should be a boost in commonwealth
support for people who cannot afford to pay for care, Australian
Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

The Campaign for Care of Older Australians, which conducted the poll,
the system needs to be set straight now, to meet future demands.

"The poll reinforces that Australia's aged care issues must be
addressed," group chairman Greg Mundy said in a statement, adding that
nearly one-quarter of Australians will be over 65 by 2050, compared with
13 percent now.

The group wanted an independent study on cost of care, increased cheap wow goldfunding
for the sector and a more flexible payment option for accommodation.

An independent inquiry into the challenges faced by the sector is
under way, with the Productivity Commission expected to hand down its
draft findings in December.