Elizabeth Edwards Is Not Just A Cuckolded Wife

Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards talks to Matt Lauer about the new chapter in her life and book.

In her first television interview since separating from her husband, former Presidential candidate John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards speaks to Matt Lauer (a weird choice if you think about his recent bouts of infidelity) about new chapters — both in her life and in her book Resilience, which was released when their marriage was still in tact and she, publicly defending him.

My how things have changed. Below, some of Elizabeth's most poignant lines from the interview.

About her decision to actually end the marriage:

"I knew I could no longer be John's wife. It was a sad and terrifying decision. I'd been trying to reinvent the role of wife for the last two years, trying to find a place where I could be happy and still be John's wife despite his infidelity. Each day, it seemed another piece of my history chipped away....and at the very end of 2009, I finally gave up trying." John Edwards' Affair Caused Elizabeth To Throw Up

"I wanted to be present in the remainder of my life," she added, "I'm not just a cuckolded wife."

About her reaction to watching the Oprah Winfrey Rielle Hunter Interview:

I still think that this person is so completely unlike me that it's hard to imagine the same person could marry me and be attracted to that person as well. 7 Worst Mistresses Of All Time

About regrets, bitterness and moving on:

"Each step in our lives, we integrate the last things we've learned — and the last piece doesn't fit. Did I waste my time in these years. Have I thrown this part of my life away? And I decided I didn't....I had these great children, I had these experiences that couldn't be replaced."

Addressing the myth of St. Elizabeth versus The Wrath of Elizabeth:

"I never pretended to be perfect [...] but I hope I didn't seem to be a monster in any way."

About John as a man and father:

"I have three living children for whom this is the father that I want them to love and on whom they're going to have to rely on if my disease takes a bad turn. It's really important to me that they see him in a positive light." Elizabeth Edwards Fears Leaving Kids With John

"I think I did marry a marvelous man. I think he changed over time. Maybe we all change over time. He's no longer the person whom I married. I still admire an enormous amout of things about him."

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