Absolutely, Positively No Sex In The Space Station


NASA is being a real buzz-kill to its astronauts.

Growing up there were three childhood films that had the biggest impact on me from a potential career standpoint: Top Gun, SpaceCamp and Howard The Duck. The first two made me want to become a naval aviator and then an astronaut. Sometimes, when I'm blue, I hum the Top Gun theme song with guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen (yep, highway to the boner-zone). At any rate, as a teen, I discovered that it's not all "I feel the need for speed" and sharing a flight deck with Lea Thompson.

Though the possibility of a good anti-gravity rogering had nothing to do with my love of astronaut-ing and didn't even cross my mind when I went to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL in the fourth grade (yep, I was that kid). Frankly, I was the youngest kid in my group and had to be explained some sexually suggestive joke one of the counselors made ("Ohhh, I get it, f***ing."). At any rate, my motivations were pure but I have the feeling that some people get into the space exploration for far more puerile reasons. And NASA is onto their Solaris-starring-George-Clooney fantasies. Read: Death And Sex On NASA's Mission To Mars

Per the Telegraph, the there is no hanky-panky on the space station. Commander Alan Poindexter (jeez they should have asked what Captain Howie Keggermeister thought) says that it's all professional and above board. You'd guess that it could get weird if the sex went down not to mention zero-g messy. Plus micro-gravity causes muscle and bone-density loss and a crazy sesh could crack a hip or pull a groin.

Do you think some stuff secretly goes down on the international space station? Do you think Lisa Nowak may have lost her mind a little bit because of space sex? 

Also, the nerd herd at IO9.com have their hottest sci-fi sex scenes for your perusal. In the meantime, I'll go back to trying to become a wise-cracking, karate-kicking anthropomorphic duck who gets to sex up Lea Thompson.