The Idea That Could Change The Way We Break Up

Way We Break Up
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Could giving breakup gifts put a positive spin on splitting up?

Everyone loves gifts, right? Non-materialistc as we may be, receiving a meticulously wrapped box makes most people feel darn good. So, then, why don't we exchange gifts at a time when we generally feel pretty terrible? Why not give a gift when we break up with someone?
Yes you read that correctly. Let's face it: ending a relationship sucks. A gift could numb the sting, if only a little bit, which is what National Taiwan University professor, Jerry Hsia, hoped to accomplish when he challenged his students to brainstorm breakup gifts. 
Since the months of May and June mean graduation for college students, and couples often to split when getting ready for life thereafter, Hsia asked his students to come up with breakup gifts, a way "to deal with negative feelings from a positive perspective." 7 Ways To Stay Positive About Dating.
He told the Focus Taiwan News Channel, "My idea caught them by surprise as they were probably thinking, 'Who would give a gift to someone they're about to break up with?'" 
The results? Black and white T-shirts with slogans to boost self-esteem, like "I'm a good man," personalized tissues reading "You cry, I die," and boxes of assorted "break-up chocolates." 
Maybe you're thinking, the gifts I'd like to give my exes are neither pretty nor sweet. But getting over a breakup is about realizing a) change is a constant in life, and b) there's probably someone better for you in your future. Just because a relationship ends doesn't mean it didn't have value. Wouldn't a humorous or touching gift be a good way to honor your time spent together? Why not replace breakup animosity with generosity? How To Have A Better Breakup. 
Readers, how do you feel about giving/receiving a break up gift? What are some gift ideas you have in mind?