Recently I met a young lady who was very much like myself, upbeat, caring, and very outgoing. At first I felt slightly intimidated but she grew on me in a short time. It wasn't long and I proposed to take her out and she accepted. It wasn't long after many honest and open conversations, I realized I wanted our relationship to be more personal, and I spoke to her about it.

She completely agreed but asked that we take it slow as she had very recently gone through a bad breakup. She was a victim of a somewhat violent relationship that involved alot arguments and frustration. The part that made it easier to wait was the little things she did and the approval of her roommate who constantly informed me constantly, how happy my new sweetheart was. Our relationship grew until her ex came back into her life and claimed he wanted to be friends.

At that point she asked me to step back so she could fix things with her ex. I respected her space, and gave her time to think. The only reason I could keep her in my heart was her honesty. She could never lie to me and I to her. Through everything it became very rough for me trying to help her on her emotional rollercoaster. For every moment we spent together and every time we talked, my happiness stayed with her. She constantly told me how much I meant to her, and how much she hated herself for creating so much trauma between us. It began to weigh me down, it hurt alot, and I could tell it hurt her more, when I was hurt. We both struggled for a few months before breaking apart.

I have to say that if you want to make a relationship work, you have to have that "trust" that is so easily ruined. The other part of is honesty and respect. I know my relationship with her was full of honesty and respect and we trusted each other beyond a shadow of a doubt. She (unknowingly) broke the trust issue's I had because she had a tremendous amount of respect for me and was very honest. I may not have been able to have a relationship with this particular woman, but I am very happy I met her and was able to spend time with her. My advice to those going through similar relationship issue's is to trust each other and always be honest. As long as you know how the other feels, regardless of aspects, you will always be able to take care of your relationship.

Sweetheart, if you ever log onto yourtango.com, you will know this was about you, so- Thank You.