China Bans Soldiers From Online Dating

chinese army
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Sorry, Chinese Army, online dating is off-limits.

Say what you will about the Chinese politburo: they manipulate currency, turn a blind-eye to the piracy of intellectual property, keep North Korea in business and are generally not nice to women (I know that foot-binding predates communism), but you have to admit that they are really good at figuring out what's best for China. And what's best for China, evidently, is a firm grip on procreation and adult relationships.

To date they've had a one-child policy, they shutdown a sex theme park before it got off the ground, they're making a major push for safe sex and they've clamped down on internet dating sites on grounds of prostitution. And now they're taking a little different approach to the love lives of their soldiers. According to Reuters, the Chinese are clamping down on what their soldiers do online… including but not limited to online dating. Read: Major Safe Sex Effort Underway In China

Essentially, the worry is that people with sinister aspirations can find out too much about soldiers and thereby hurt the military. So, to combat (heh) the problem of finding a good lady in a country with a whole lotta men, local military types are arranging meet-and-greets with soldiers and eligible members of the generally shorter sex. Watch: Single In Beijing: Not Enough Men

You'd imagine that it might be tough finding a gal in a country where there are 120 fellas for every 100 broads when your occupation involves making not very much money and hanging with mostly dudes. You'd guess that the best and brightest of the Chinese army (the People's Liberation Army) might get a little help in the fly honeys department (which is an actual cabinet post in the Chinese government) from big brother.

To be fair, the Chinese government isn't the only one making relationship rules for it's fighting folks. The US has a code of conduct that can get an officer court-martialed for infidelity and I believe that soldiers can be forbidden from fornicating with or marrying locals when deployed. Read: How To Keep A Military Marriage Strong

Frankly, I hope that they figure out a way to get some of these soldiers laid on a regular basis. The last thing we need is 2.3 million heavily-armed unmarried dudes with chips on their shoulders. Yep, the PLA is stiffer than a Terracotta Army.

Do you think the Chinese government got around to seeing Lust Caution and were a little surpristed that women could do that?