Community: Attract A Man Using Your Inner Artist


Contrary to what we women have been taught, men actually love it when we express our feelings.  Because they are "thinking" creatures, our ability to be feminine and emotional is what attracts men and mesmerizes them.  It's true.   When we're in touch with our feelings and express them in a non-dramatic, non-blaming way, a man melts and we are very attractive to him.  He then feels safe to get in touch with his own feelings and share them with us. 6 Useless Ways To Express Anger

So how do we really feel our feelings in a way that works for attracting men?  One of the easiest, most enjoyable ways is to make sensual activities a daily habit – a part of your life.  This way, being a sensual creature becomes second nature to you.  A great way to do this is to get out your art supplies and try this simple tool I created. 7 Ways To Make Your Love Life More Sensual

How To Attract Him By Getting In Touch With You

1.  Get a simple piece of paper and a pencil—the softer the pencil, the better.

2.  Pick a time when you have at least 1/2 hour to yourself this first time (You only need 10 minutes after you get the hang of it), and put yourself somewhere where no one will bother you, talk to you, or call you.

3.  Find a table and a chair, clear off the table, and put a few simple objects on it – an apple, a cup, a vase – large, simple shapes.

4.  Sit down, and shake out your arms.

5.  Hold the pencil lightly for now, and just look at the objects.

6.  Pick one of the objects.  Really, really look at it.  What we're doing here is changing the way you see things, the way you look at things, and slowing down the process of how you see and experience things.

7.  As you look at the object, move your hand easily over the paper without touching the pencil down, without drawing anything.

8.  Really look at that object.  See if you can see the entire shape of it, like it's all one shape.  Now look at the detail of it – see if you can see how the light hits it, where the shine is, how the curves curve, what it’s like where the object meets the table.

9.  Now just touch your pencil down to the paper, and let it draw the whole shape of the object lightly without lifting up the pencil. Keep your hand flowing, and don't worry about what your drawing looks like.

10.  Now slowly notice the smaller details about the object – a curve, a shadow, a shape, a shine – and sort of draw it. Just explore it on the page for longer than you normally would.

11.  This is almost like touching the object, only you’re doing it pencil to paper.  Don't worry about getting anything "right."

12.  Now – here's the "therapy" part:  I want you to notice if you're tense in your shoulders, and if you're trying to "accomplish" anything.  Notice if you're worried about the time, or the foolishness of this, or if you feel like you're in a hurry to get a picture done and "done right."

13.  Breathe.  Slow your hand down on the paper; slow your mind down by just focusing on the object.

14. If you have time, move your attention to one of the other objects, and follow the same steps.

Now, how do you use this to attract a man?

Let's say you go to a party, or a restaurant, or a bar. There are lots and lots of people around, it's noisy, and it even feels overwhelming.

First, see the room as a whole, just the way you did the object.  If you were to draw it, there would be one big space with lots of small movement in it.

Then if one man (or the man you're with) comes close, see him as both a detail of the space – the way you did the curve of the cup or the angle of the teapot handle you were drawing – and then as a whole.

"Take him in" the way you took in the object you were drawing.

Now look at all his details – his eyes, his mouth, his hair – just observe and BE WITH him and his details the way you've practiced being with the objects you've been drawing.

Slow down.  Breathe, smile.  Experience.

The idea is that you are giving yourself over to the sensual experience of simply being with a man and in touch with your surroundings.  You are fully in the moment, and, more importantly, not in your head.  When you're in touch with your senses and can share your feelings with a man, you will connect to his heart in a very powerful way that is irresistibly attractive to him. 6 Tips For A More Compassionate Relationship