Mel Gibson Gets Restraining Order Against Babymama

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Mel and Oksana's falling out just got all ugly and legal.

Mel Gibson's breakup with the woman he impregnated and left his wife of almost 30 years for just got nastier. Mel and Oksana Grigorieva split in April, six months after their daughter, Lucia, was born, and now Radar reports that on Wednesday he filed a restraining order against Oksana. He has also reportedly filed papers regarding custody of Lucia. What, because you thought this breakup wouldn't be complicated? Splitsville: April's Most Devastating Breakups

Mel and Oksana have had a checkered, if brief, history, and this latest is just another wrinkle. To recap: Mel got drunk this one time in Malibu, yelled sexist and anti-Semitic slurs at a bunch of cops, and separated from his long-suffering wife, Robin, the mother of his seven kids. Then he signed Oksana to his record label and knocked her up. Then he asked for a paternity test, because that's how you say "I'm excited about our baby, baby!" in Melvish.

Then Mel demanded Oksana start converting to his stringent brand of pre–Vatican II Catholicism. In between, he maybe had an affair with some Polish lady. Then Oksana had the baby and she and Mel broke up, and now the courts are involved, of course, because even if Robin got half of his billion dollars, Mel is still way rich. Mel Gibson Divorce Might Make History

Whew. So. The paperwork Mel sent Oksana also included a notice about an upcoming court hearing, so we assume they'll sort out custody and support issues concerning Lucia with lawyers present. And then they'll go away and Mel will go back to making good movies! Well, a girl can wish, anyway.

Via Radar Online. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.