Best Of The Web: Selfish Lovers & Ladies' Night

selfish lover

Plus bathing suits for him, online dating tips and bachelor parties!

It's all downhill from here, we've had the longest day of the year and it's only gonna get hotter and hotter for the next few months. On the plus side, the vuvuzela does not appear to have caught on in the US. And now, the best the internet has to offer in love and relationships.

Over at Lemondrop, the gang picked up on a study from the "no doy" files. According to researcher, selfish lovers (those who won't share their toys) are more satisfied between the sheets (or on the hood of a '67 Chevy) than their more giving counterparts, totally refuting thousands of years of belief in a ten-fold reward.

Since we're talking about the sexy stuff, Em & Lo ( have ten sure-fire steps to bland-up your relationship. Suggestion, try doing the opposite. Read: 5 Super Easy Ideas to Spice Up the Romance

On the topic of spicy AND selfish, Asylum has a Craigslist nugget of salaciousness. A man walked in on his fiancée in a gangbang and is anxious to do something with that engagement ring. I would say that even though he's the one who called it off, he should probably get the ring OR 50% of the profits from the sale of that video, whichever is greater in value.

Speaking of relationship gaffes (on a much tamer scale), my good bud Simone Grant likes to keep her dating life and blogging life separate… and, inadvertently, the 'twain met. Check out how she clean'd up her oral oil spill.

And now something for the ladies. According to Glo there is a lot you can tell about a fellow from his bathing suit… and it's a photo gallery. Get. It. On.

More for the ladies. Over at TheFrisky, they have news about a couple of new dating sites that are lady's choice… Oh what a night. Read: Dating Site Spawns Sperm Bank For Beautiful People

Speaking of online dating, Guyism has 7 things that will murder your chances of making love (out of nothing at all) online. Quoting Air Supply will be in their next list, I'd imagine. Read: 5 Mistakes Men Make When Dating Online

And now something for the dudes! The blokes at have 20 great suggestions for bachelor parties without strippers. God, I hope their 21st idea was hookers.

From LimeLife: a statistic. Per a study, 11% of men have admitted to masturbating while driving. Seems illegal but it can't be any more distracting than texting while driving. Jebus, please DO NOT sext or watch the Eric Prydz video "Call On Me" while behind the wheel.

Over at LoveInTheDumps, they'd prefer that you not have to be involved in steering and stroking. They think you should fly and maybe meet a date at the airport. Check their details and please don't ask, "Come here often?"

And, finally, the Huffington Post has a little perspective on breakups. Jodie Lipper and Cerina Vincent think you should let a smile be your umbrella. I say it takes more energy to frown and it takes even more energy for me to type that.

Enjoy the weekend. Go USA soccer. And let us know what you think.

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