Links We Love: Is Marriage Dead?


Newsweek asks if marriage is dead and other great links from the interwebs.

Every Friday, we here at Traditional Love round up the best traditional love news from around the web and bring it to you. That’s what we call service. You are most welcome. This week, Alisa at Project Happily Ever After profiled her grandparents 70-year marriage (awe.some) and readers responded to Newsweek's article questioning whether marriage was truly dead. (If marriage is dead, don't tell my husband.) Their responses ranged from benign acceptance to outright outrage. What do you think?

Also, Dustin at Engaged Marriage discussed the struggle of putting a ring on it. Sarah Markley told us what she wished she had known before she said "I do." The Generous Husband took a look at handling the "stuff" we bring into a relationship. Whose stuff belongs to whom? And is my High School English teacher proud of me for my well-placed "whom"? (Answer: Yes.) Here are our top five links about love and marriage for the week.

What do you wish you had known before you got married? Sarah Markley lays out her top four things she’s learned from marriage. [Sarah Markley]

The Gore’s barely made it to 40 years of marriage. Making it to 70 years these days is just short of a miracle. Alisa profiles her grandparents and their inspiring love story.[Project Happily Ever After]

Sometimes I leave my ring off for days and never miss it. Other people confess they feel naked without their wedding bands. Are you ready to wear a ring for the rest of your life? [Engaged Marriage

Whose stuff is whose and how do you handle your stuff and her stuff? And no, he doesn’t mean the Wheatie’s Boxes you’ve kept since you were in sixth grade. [The Generous Husband]

Is marriage really dead? Reader’s respond to Newsweek’s recent feature decrying the end of marriage. What do you think? [Newsweek

What marriage news caught your eye this week?