Introducing A New Blog: Traditional Love


A new blog about cherishing love, marriage and family.

Over here at YourTango we want to engage everyone in smart talk about what love looks like in the twenty-first century. We have a blog for moms, a blog for people in non-traditional relationships, a blog for dudes, for celebrity love and now we have a blog for people who believe in love—Traditional Love. Love that makes you think of wedding dresses, kisses that make you kick up your heels and hiding the cookies until he apologizes for not rubbing your back. Not that I would EVER do anything so petty.

Between civil unions, cohabitation and a lot of high-profile break ups (yeah, that's right, I'm still bitter at the Gores) there has been a lot of noise decrying the end of marriage. Despite the death knell, statistics show that rates of divorce are declining and, according to an poll, 75 percent of 18- to 34-year-old men and 63 percent of 18- to 34-year-old women say they believe in marriage and hope to be married some day. That's you! Or it was you, and now you're married and trying to make your marriage stick, not just for 40 years, but until death makes you part. And even then, you might consider coming back as a ghost. 

Welcome to Traditional Love. Traditional Love is a blog that focuses on cherishing love, marriage and family. Here we will look at love, marriage and family through the lens of faith and politics and personal experience, exploring what it truly means to have a long-lasting relationship. From topics such as purity rings, dating as a Muslim, praying as a couple and being a submissive wife, our bloggers talk openly and honestly about the good, bad and the ugly of sex, love and marriage.  

We have a smart bunch of bloggers. Stu Gray is a writer, marriage educator and blogger dedicated to helping couples have happy marriages. In a divorce culture, Stu writes about how to make a marriage stick. Julie Sibert is a Christian blogger, who focuses on sex and spirituality. She tells us about how being a submissive wife can help your sex life. Zeba Iqbal examines love and relationships through the lens of her Muslim faith. Mara Manischewitz writes about being a single, traditional Jewish girl, exploring the intersection of love and faith. Jay Reding, a sassy-pants of a conservative political blogger, looks at how the politics of love affect our culture. Lyz Lenz, Traditional Love editor and YourTango Community Director, writes about her own journey choosing a traditional marriage in a non-traditional world. That's what this blog is about. We hope you enjoy it.

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