Do Big Romantic Displays Win You Over?

man holding flowers behind back

A husband tries to win his wife back with billboard-sized love notes.

If you thought the days of men making sweeping, romantic gestures to woo women were over, there's hope yet. Unfortunately, they don't seem to work. 
Paul Kendall, of Leicestershire, U.K., lined the London to Brighton Bike Ride Route, where his estranged wife was cycling in aid of charity yesterday, with large 12-by-3-foot signs declaring his love for her. Note: Despite his very public (and semi-embarrassing) declarations of love, she still refused to go home with him. Lemondrop: Why Guys Can't Forgive Us For Cheating (But We Can Forgive Them).
The information technology engineer covered the 54-mile stretch with banners featuring family photos and tender messages of love and support. One read: "Zoe, I accept I've made mistakes. Please, forgive me!" while another said: "Zoe, the bond that we both share could be deeper and stronger than ever. Give us that chance and allow our bond of love to blossom again." Yet another sign, with images of the happy couple on their wedding day, read: "Come on Chicken -- WAH! Flap those wings and shake that tail feather. You can do it! I'm roostering for you! Wing!" Lemondrop: 'There Are Good Men Out There': A Happy Online Love Story.
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Written by Jennifer Barton for Lemondrop.