Prince Albert Of Monaco Is Finally Engaged

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock
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Prince Albert, 52, is engaged for the first time to a woman named Charlene Wittstock.

It's been a really busy week in royal wedding news. First, Princess Victoria of Sweden wed her commoner love, Daniel Westling, in a lavish $2.5 million dollar ceremony. And, now, perpetual bachelor Prince Albert of Monaco, 52, has announced that he's engaged for the first time to a pretty, 32-year-old blonde from South Africa named Charlene Wittstock. Prince Albert and Charlene, who looks a little like Albert's mother Grace Kelly, even attended Princess Victoria's wedding together.

According to, the Prince, who is the royal head of Monaco, a tiny principality in the south of France, was thought by many that he would never get married or produce a legitimate heir. (He has produced several illegtimate children, however: a toddler son whose mother is an African flight attendant and an 18-year-old daughter who lives in California.) Crown Princess Victoria Weds Her Personal Trainer

However, now that he's finally getting married, it's likely that there will soon be an official little Prince or Princess of Monaco running around the pink palace, and that his 26-year-old nephew, Princess Caroline's son Andrea Casiraghi, will not inherit the throne, as many expected.

Albert and Charlene have reportedly been dating since 2006, and although no wedding date has been set, Charlene has been given the thumbs-up by both of Albert's sisters, Priness Caroline and Princess Stephanie, who have been tutoring her in royal protocol.

It looks like we will soon be treated to another European royal wedding. Now, if only Prince William and Kate Middleton would step up to the plate.

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